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Emma Transforms Marble Hall in Belvedere Palace Into Vienna’s Most Beautiful Bedroom

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  • Gustaf Klimt’s “The Kiss” painting, exhibited in the Belvedere Palace, was brought to life by artist Birgit Linke during an exclusive breakfast
  • Klimt is widely regarded as Austria’s most famous painter, while the Belvedere Palace is one of Austria’s most iconic buildings

VIENNA, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Emma — The Sleep Company, the world’s biggest D2C sleep brand, transformed the Marble Hall in Vienna’s Belvedere Palace into the city’s most beautiful bedroom this week. 40 guests, including competition winners and broadcasters, attended an extraordinary breakfast in the opulent hall, during which Klimt’s “The Kiss” masterpiece was brought to life by artist Birgit Linke.

Linke transferred Klimt’s distinctive expressionist style to two models, the result being a unique recreation of one of the world’s most famous pieces of art. The models re-enacted the masterpiece while the guests enjoyed a banquet fit for an empress. “The Kiss”, which is admired and respected across the globe for conveying the affection between two lovers as they embrace each other while wrapped in a golden cocoon, is thought to represent Gustav Klimt himself and his partner Emilie Flöge.

Built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, the Belvedere Palace is among the most beautiful baroque buildings in the world. After his death, Empress Maria Theresa acquired the palace and opened the imperial collections in the Upper Belvedere in 1777, making it one of the first public museums in the world. In 1908, under Emperor Franz Joseph I, the Ministry of Culture acquired Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”, which today is the highlight of the impressive collection of Austrian art.

“Transferring the art to real life bodies introduces three-dimensional effects to the piece, meaning we have a totally new way of looking at classic, timeless, and well-known art,” said artist Birgit Linke. Dominic Walker, Emma’s Global Head of Communications, added: “This unique event is designed to awaken people’s best this morning — by bringing to life Austria’s most famous painting over a regal breakfast in Vienna’s most beautiful bedroom.”

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Real Estate - Miami County Post originally published at Real Estate - Miami County Post