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Miami to Manhattan

Ruined Art Enters the Modern Era – Weekly Weird News

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00:00 – Painting vandalized
07:36 – Shaq vs Gorillas
12:07 – German cars vs weasels
19:30 – Ohio ice fishing prostitution
21:29 – Candidate smokes weed and burns confederate flag
23:40 – Razzlekhan Netflix documentary
27:19 – Chicago piss cup attacker caught
28:41 – Dill T. Pickle kidnapped
34:45 – Headlines

• Security guard ruins art by drawing eyes on it

• Gorillas want to fight Shaquille O’Neal

• Weasels love German cars

• Ice fishing

• Gary Chambers for Senate

• Razzlekhan Netflix documentary series already in the works

Wild Story About Hipster Rapper & Alleged Bitcoin Bandits Set For Netflix Doc Series

• Chicago urine cup thrower caught

• Dillon The Pickle kidnapped

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