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ZenniHome Disrupts the $2 Trillion US Housing Market with Robotic Factory-Built Homes

Real Estate - Miami County Post originally published at Real Estate - Miami County Post

PAGE, Ariz., June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry first, ZenniHome unveils its revolutionary approach to housing. Combining cutting-edge technology with innovative design, the company is producing transforming homes that can be stacked like LEGO blocks. The company has received overwhelming demand of over 40,000 soft orders for their units even before public launch. With traditional construction methods failing to keep pace with soaring housing demand, resulting in a 6.5 million home shortage crisis in the US, ZenniHome’s solution offers a much-needed lifeline. The company’s factory in Page, AZ has already begun production, with the first completed models now open for public tours in Mesa, AZ. In response to popular demand, ZenniHome has opened a crowdfunding campaign allowing fans to invest in their growth.

Who Stands to Benefit from ZenniHome’s Innovation?

Homeowners – These units serve as perfect single-family homes, ADUs, or cabins.
Developers – ZenniHome units can be stacked up to five stories high, enabling rapid assembly of multi-family buildings.
Organizations needing rapid deployment housing – Homes arrive finished and furnished from the factory.

Quotes from the founder

Bob Worsley, Founder and CEO of ZenniHome (Founder of SkyMall, several other sizable businesses, and served for 3 terms as an Arizona State Senator), emphasizes the unique appeal of the homes, stating, “Everything about these homes is beautifully designed and masterfully engineered. The transforming spaces create a new way of living that is dynamic and very comfortable.” Worsley further notes the benefits of factory construction, asserting, “We can achieve quality, speed, and precision never seen before in this industry.” He also underscores the versatility of the units, adding, “Their smart design allows them to be used as standalone homes or stacked up to five stories high over a podium for large multi-family developments.”

About ZenniHome

ZenniHome’s mission is to produce the highest quality attainable housing globally. Their housing is smart, transforming, scalable, sustainable and built with the speed and precision of robotic automation. With a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and high-quality design, ZenniHome is redefining modern living by providing homes that are beautiful and efficient and also adaptable to the daily needs of homeowners. For more information, visit ZenniHome or become an investor.


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Real Estate - Miami County Post originally published at Real Estate - Miami County Post