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Living In MIAMI: Pros & Cons (After 20 Years)

Life - Miami County Post originally published at Life - Miami County Post

Thinking About Moving To Miami?
In this video I go over the TOP 10 PROS & CONS of living in MIAMI after 20 years!
I have been living in MIAMI since I was 9, and I have experienced this city in every way possible. Moving To Florida is always a big plus and a total life changer! However, it is not for everyone.

So in this video I go over the 5 things that I LOVE about Miami and the 5 Things that I HATE about Miami. So if you are thinking of living in Miami you should check this video so you know all the positives and negatives from a local point of view!

Now, If you are thinking about moving or investing in Miami, please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you with the purchase of your property here in Miami. You have all my contact information down below and I hope to hear from you soon!

Also, check out the the latest neighborhood Information here :

00:00 Intro

Things i Hate
01:03 Traffic
02:07 Bad Driving
03:31 Big City
04:41 Crazy Tourist
05:47 Parking

Things i Love
07:41 Weather
09:40 Beach
11:17 Views
13:06 Diversity
15:01 Music
17:32 Outro

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Life - Miami County Post originally published at Life - Miami County Post