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Living in Florida V.S. California the BIGGEST Differences EXPLAINED

Life - Miami County Post originally published at Life - Miami County Post

If you have ever wanted to move to a state with beautiful weather year round, almost certainly you might have wondered what the pros and cons of living in Florida v.s. California are. Because these 2 states are some of the most beautiful and warmest in the entire United States.

I have never lived in California, but have spent a few months there over the years, staying in AirBnb’s in REAL neighborhoods, in order to get the sense of what it is really like to live there. So even though I have not lived there for an extended period of time, I feel like I have a strong perception of what daily life might be like there.

Even though I love living in Miami Beach Florida, there are some things you just cannot get here and I will talk about some of that in this video. Also, there are some points I made that are more specific to Miami and Los Angeles. So a few of these points are Miami v.s. LA as well 😉

0:00 Intro
0:53 Taxes
1:56 Population
3:14 Natural Disasters
5:05 Cost of Living
5:59 Homelessness
7:36 Beaches
8:49 Restaurants
10:41 Uniqueness of Activities / Tourism
11:43 Microclimates
13:00 Beaches Part 2
13:53 Nightlife
15:30 Live Entertainment
16:38 Language
17:49 Living Environment
19:30 I Really Like Both!

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Life - Miami County Post originally published at Life - Miami County Post