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City Commission / CRA Actions on Monday, December 12, 2022

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West Palm Beach City Commission Meeting and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting Approvals and Decisions

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (12-13-2022) – Below is a summary of the approvals and decisions made by the City Commission meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022.

CITY ATTORNEY – Approved a resolution authorizing the assessment of city liens for unpaid water service, sewer service and stormwater charges for September 2022; approved an ordinance, after a first public hearing, to amend City Code Chapter 86 to establish subsection 86-9 for the City’s Wrecker Operator system.

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES – Approved a resolution approving a right-of-way maintenance agreement with Palm Beach Medical Property, LLC, for landscaping and irrigation adjacent to property at 6910 South Dixie Highway; Approved a resolution approving an agreement with RUD 1 Flagler LLC for a large-scale Public Art installation, “Portals” by Fred Eversley, as an addition to the City’s Public Art Collection. It is to be installed in the open space at One Flagler; approved a resolution granting Face of the City approval for a large-scale sculpture, “Genius Loci,” by Nekisha Durrett, to be installed at Heart & Soul Park. Funding for the sculpture was approved through resolution 44-22(F) on February 22, 2022, and resolution 286-21 on November 1, 2021; approved a resolution granting Face of the City approval for artwork in Northwood Village titled “Voices of Northwood,” by local artist Ates Islidak, and “Prismatic Tesselations,” by local artist Molly Aubry, to be installed at Northwood Village and Blum Park, respectively; approved a resolution approving interim standards for residential projects, which will increase affordable housing options;  approved an ordinance after a first public hearing extending the zoning in progress to allow parklets established under the Temporary Outdoor Dining program to continue while regulations are revised or until November 29, 2023; approved an ordinance after first public hearing designating the Florida Public Utility Company (FPUC building at 401 South Dixie Highway on the West Palm Beach Register of Historic Places; approved a resolution after a public hearing to approve the “Worth Court South” plat at 262 and 285 Worth Court South.

Continued a public hearing and first reading for the abandonment of an alleyway between 7th Street and Eucalyptus Street and the terminus portion of Eucalyptus Street adjacent to Rosarian Academy;  continued a public hearing and resolution to allow construction and placement of a dock and boatlift outside the middle one-third of a lot at 234 Arlington Road.

HOUSING and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – Approved a resolution approving a second amendment to an Interlocal Agreement between the City and Palm Beach County settling protocols for the referral and transportation of homeless individuals to the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center, located at 1000 45th Street, West Palm Beach, and extending this agreement through May 21, 2027.

PARKS and RECREATION – Approved a resolution authorizing a $5,000 donation and grant agreement with the Palm Beach Motorcyclists Toys for Tots, Inc. in support of the 75th Annual Toys for Tots program.

POLICE DEPARTMENT – Approved a resolution appropriating up to $16,660 for on-water law enforcement for manatee protection. The costs will be reimbursed by Palm Beach County.

PUBLIC UTILITIES – Approved a resolution accepting a State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Resilient Florida grant for $750,000 to be used to fund Flagler Drive area underground utilities hardening.

For the complete list of approvals and decisions made at the November 28, 2022 City Commission meeting, click here for the pass/fail agenda.

Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Approvals and Decisions

Below is a summary of the approvals and decisions made by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Approved a resolution for an interlocal agreement for the purchase of property at 1019 North Rosemary Avenue; approved a resolution for purchase and sale agreements between West Palm Beach CRA and C & C Petro-Investments LLC, 630 10th Street, LLC, and The Riverview Holdings Group, LLC, for 11 properties in the Historic Northwest District for development of affordable housing; approved a resolution approving reclassification of funding approval of property acquisition in the Historic Northwest Target area to reflect individual values of properties purchased and to properly allocate purchase prices between land and buildings; approved a resolution for a purchase and sale agreement between the CRA and Hotbox Art LLC for the CRA purchase of property at 610 Douglass Avenue.

For the complete list of approvals and decisions made at the Monday, December 12, 2022 CRA meeting,
click here for the pass/fail agenda.




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