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Sara Rose – The Queen of Face Couture

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24FashionTV had a chance to sit down with celebrity designer Sara Rose whose pieces were worn by Tyga, Kash Doll, Soulja Boy, Dream Doll, Melii, Rubi Rose, Asian Da Brat (Asian Doll), PNB Rock, Tory Lanez and many other talents in Hollywood.

24FashionTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer? 

Sara Rose: I think deep down, probably since the 3rd grade, I had this sort of confidence in myself about my ability to create art. My teachers always acknowledged it, from reading my story-writing assignments out loud to the classroom, or winning the awards for best drawing etc., I realized I had a talent for art, and a strong desire to want to show everyone. It just felt more like an unattainable dream than a reality that I could ever make a career out of my talents. Growing up how I did, nobody in my environment was successful. I mean, I didnt have any direction, and surely didnt have anyone to look up to, so I was never taught to aim high toward any goals. I didnt know who I wanted to be, truly, until recently in my mid-twenties. Furthermore, I really actually learned who not to be just by watching my elders. I knew I wanted my life to mean more than just getting by, working a 9-5 job, when deep down I had so many ideas, gifts, that I knew the world could use and appreciate and share with me. So really, I made the decision to take a risk in the Fashion industry at age 27. It happened quickly, with nothing driving me but that same inner confidence I had as a kid, and I just haven’t stopped working at it since.  

Tyra Banks for The Guardian Magazine cover – wearing Sara Rose handmade Angel Diamond Mask

You achieved quite a success for someone who started a brand 3 years ago, what do you attribute to such a success?