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Day 4. Aude – Miami Swim Week

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Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion Day 4. 

24Fashion TV Exclusive: 


Aude presented a luxurious collection of daring and timeless African-inspired swimwear for both men and women.

AUDE Kouakou Djzeahou Aude Elsis, better known as Aude Harris was born in Cte dIvoire (Ivory Coast), Africa. Having a mother from Monrovia, Liberia, Aude incorporated her roots from both countries into her swimwear. AUDE formerly known as AudeSwim was created following Audes graduation from Virginia State University. She traveled back home to Ivory Coast where she was inspired by the culture, people, textiles, and clothing. AUDE presents a luxurious collection of daring and timeless African inspired swim for both men and women. Her bold mixture of unique tribal prints, high fashion designs, and vibrant colors give the world a taste of African culture. Designer: Aude Harris @audeswim

Photo by Natalie Svors. Exclusively for 24Fashion TV.