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Tamworth Babershop Owner Unveils Bold ’80s Looks for the ’20s Man

Last updated on September 11, 2022

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Three models in colourful blazers with 80s-inspired hairstyles that feature a splash of colour.

Three bold 80s-inspired looks for the 20s man

’80s baby Klinta Jones is putting her stamp on today’s style renaissance with a new colourful collection for the modern man

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 22, 2022 / — Klinta Jones – owner of the beloved Tamworth barbershop House of Jones, renowned for its unparalleled customer care and mindful service – is excited to unveil a collection of three familiar but contemporary looks for the modern man who’s not afraid to make a reference.

From humble beginnings in Soviet Latvia, Jones’ entrepreneurial spirit led her to the UK in 2006 where she has subsequently started three businesses. It was during the COVID-19 lockdowns that Jones found herself questioning: “When my job is “illegal”, what can I as a human being bring to society to help someone else?”.

Jones decided to use her experience of reconceptualizing her role as a salon owner when she took a step back for maternity leave in 2019. The result is an online coaching course that provides other salon owners with the skills they need to build a sustainable business operation, allowing them to reclaim their time without sacrificing the reputation they fought for.

Still an artist at heart, Klinta can still be found back on the shop floor creating eye-catching looks for her dedicated clients. “Born in the late ’80s, I grew up influenced by my parents’ music and fashion,” Jones explains. “Now, I’m at an age where I see trends making a comeback. With this collection, I wanted to combine elements from my own timeline: from the ’80s to a 2020’s modern man.”

Photography for the trio of looks, created and styled by Klinta Jones herself, was done by Andy Kruczek.

To learn more about Klinta and House of Jones, click here.

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