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New Cinnamon Tea Brand in Australia

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The New Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags available in Australia

Enjoy your evenings with premium teas distributed by Yarra Valley Impex.”

— Yarra Valley Impex

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, May 30, 2022 / — Modern tea drinkers love the concept of trying new types of tea in the market. This press release is to announce that Yarra Valley Impex has launched a new Ceylon Cinnamon Tea product. A tea product that happens to be in popular demand among tea drinkers young and old. For anyone who happens to be new to the world of tea, trying the Ceylon Cinnamon Tea from Yarra Valley Impex would surely be a good place to start.

To quote what the Operations Manager at Yarra Valley Impex Had to say about the new Cinnamon Tea, “Yarra Valley Impex Vic is excited to introduce the new Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags that is flavoursome and is dripping with health benefits. It is designed to refresh the mind and provide a smooth aftertaste. A perfect mix of the high-grown tea and cinnamon from Sri Lanka packed into tiny tea bags for the convenience of use. The flavours inside the tea are natural and traditional. Shipping throughout Australia, Yarra Valley Impex can be trusted for introducing a premium tea bag, catering to the sophisticated tea drinkers living anywhere in the world. A Sip of this tea will allow the drinker to be taken to the valleys of Sri Lanka from their own couch every day. To brew the perfect cup of tea, boil water to 100 degrees Celcius, drop the tea bag into the boiling water and brew for about 3 -5 minutes. The results will allow you to taste the perfect cup of tea every time”.

Yarra Valley Impex’s hibiscus tea bags are another new addition to their tea range. The deep red colour and the bold flavour of this tea will give any tea drinker such a unique flavour experience that cannot be found in any other tea bag. To buy Hibiscus Tea online, visit the website

Why choose Yarra valley Impex?

Yarra valley Impex is a small Australian family owned and run business that has been operating in Australia for over 5 years now. Catering to the sophisticated taste buds of tea enthusiasts across the country, the distributor offers the best quality tea bags including the newly launched Ceylon Cinnamon tea bags. Every tea product manufactured by the company can be trusted to be of premium quality. Enjoy your evenings with premium teas distributed by Yarra Valley Impex.

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Beauty - originally published at Beauty -