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Dark Secrets Of The Cast Of Shahs Of Sunset

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The characters on The Shahs of Sunset are some of the most memorable reality stars of living memory. Bringing their characteristic blend of sexiness, tragedy, toxicity, and competitive drive, our heroes have given us mountains of drama over the past few years, and you can bet that there’s plenty more yet to come. If you haven’t yet taken the time to get to know these folks, we’ll take some time to spill the tea. Of course, some of the drama that happens in these episodes is ginned up for TV, but in other cases, the intense scenarios are very real. This connects the audience to these stars, as it should. These are dark secrets of the cast of Shahs of Sunset.

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GG’s drug use | 0:00
Jessica’s leukemia | 1:22
GG’s divorce | 2:36
Asa leaves | 3:52
MJ’s pregnancy | 5:18
MJ & Reza | 6:13
Reza v. Mike | 7:40
​​Sara’s Famous Ex | 8:52
Lilly Ghalichi’s wedding | 10:18
Reza’s Body Dysmorphia | 11:41
GG’s miscarriage | 12:35

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Beauty - originally published at Beauty -