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Black Education Station (BES) Stands with Parents and School Children Reeling from the Sting of Mass Shootings

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Black Education Station

BES brings educational tools  home for Black families

BES brings educational tools home for Black families

Our Children. Our Future.”

— Black Education Station

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / — In the first half of 2022, more than two dozen school shootings have ranged from the Great Lakes State to the recent horror in Uvalde, Texas. One Atlanta based media outlet is becoming the premier resource for African American parents in these troubling times. Meet the Black Education Station, a.k.a. BES. First of its kind, the Black Education Station is taking to the airwaves to provide a safe haven for students and parents of color.

The team at BES stands with parents who are concerned about the health and mental well-being of children. In a time of COVID, lockdowns, inflation, and mass shootings, our kids can feel immeasurable pressure. The educational experts behind the intuitive design for BES know what kids need to thrive despite these tough times.

In a recent study The Philadelphia Inquirer adds “Black children are suffering higher rates of anxiety” than their white counterparts. With stressors like school shooting, bullying, gangs and family dynamics toddlers and tweens are on overload. However, this revolutionary media outlet is changing the narrative to empower Black parents and children alike. BES is an alternative to the educational norms and a supplement providing Black families a much-needed support.

The programs on BES focus on building up Black children through insightful animated specials, certified teacher lessons , and book reading. In addition, the cutting-edge content is created by contributors of color from all over the world. Black people are found in every aspect of this company, from its founders to the instructors and even behind the scenes in production.

BES knows it is time to promote positive imagery for children of color to encourage the next generation. The station is geared to help children ages 0-10 years old with the motto “Our Children. Our Future.”

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Tai Jones
Black Education Station
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Beauty - originally published at Beauty -