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‘Leitmotif’ a solo exhibition of paintings by Sukhada Das at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

‘Leitmotif’ a solo exhibition of paintings by Sukhada Das at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai


The art as I see on the canvas of the artist, prompts me to take a step back and reflect on the serenity of the environment created by the array of canvases painted with unclouded colours and compositions. I see the matured strokes defining the form and capturing the nuances of Monet’s garden with a soothing flow and dexterity of an accomplished artists.
Now do these canvases have a profound message? Do they have their own inherent meaning that transcends the higher realm? As the artist enunciates herself; her art is not just for art sake; it has its profound message and goal. Let’s take a deep dip into these ponds and see the artist’s unspoken conversation with the water lilies. The unity, the bond, the cohesiveness are palpable in every stroke. They reflect Sukhada’s love for using pictorial and impasto techniques which are deeply rooted in her love for impressionistic paintings.
Once speaking to her, she mentioned that her intercultural marriage has enhanced her desire to explore cultural similarities and dissimilarities and try to find the string which could unite the empathetic self and connect with the greater aspects of mankind. Her visit to Berlin followed by Giverny gave her the impetus to introspect how humanity could blossom, negating the industrial wrath and political plunder, while embracing nature. Giverny, a sleepy town in Normandy and her mentor, Claude Monet’s, resting place on the confluence of River Seine and River Epte, were the inspiration of these master strokes. The paintings speak of peace and truth, and depicts the connection between the lotus with elements like water, air, earth and sun. Her work with simple brush strokes are realistic, light, and creative.
The artist has carried forward her association with circular form,from her earlier work to the from idee fixe series. Time has changed since then. The covid protocol has transformed many humans to a different level of existence and Sukhda is no exception. The agony,and angst of the hapless being is much more subtle in her work now. The existential crisis has stirred and rekindled and given to us ‘THE LEITMOTIF” by Sukhada Das.

Moloy Mukherjee
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