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CGTrader introduces CGDream: Advancing 2D image creation with AI and 3D models

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VILNIUS, Lithuania, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CGTrader, the world’s leading 3D model marketplace, is launching CGDream – an innovative application that creates 2D images by combining the power of generative AI with 3D models. With CGDream, users gain unprecedented control over the AI-generated image composition by leveraging 3D models to guide the design process and produce stunning visuals.

Within CGDream, 3D models are used as references and are guiding the image creation, enabling users to define the composition of the image and precisely execute their artistic vision. These 3D models can include models of their products, custom characters, architectural and interior 3D models, or anything else they imagine. This approach offers unmatched control and gives total creative freedom to the users.

To craft images in CGDream, users begin by selecting a 3D model from CGDream’s library or by importing their own. They then set the scene in a 3D viewer, rotate the model, and zoom in or out to their liking. Next, they provide a text description in a prompt text box specifying their desired outcome. Finally, the AI takes over transforming the instructions into a high-quality 2D image, guided by the chosen 3D model. Users are able to download and use the generated 2D image or continue generating more.

“At CGTrader, we believe that AI can be utilized in a way that empowers and benefits artists, creating new business and growth opportunities,” states Dalia Lasaite, the CEO of CGTrader. “When creating an image in CGDream, 3D models serve merely to guide the composition of the image, and not as data for AI training, offering transparency and fairness to designers. The possibility to use a 3D model without experience with 3D software attracts not only 3D professionals, but also non-technical creators, helping designers offer their 3D models to a much wider audience while protecting their intellectual property.”

Building on CGTrader’s designer-first philosophy, CGDream presents a transparent platform for designers that allows them to make the most of the latest AI developments. CGTrader will soon be offering designers the option to sell their models to CGDream users, thus opening up a new way to monetize their premium models and enjoy an additional income source.

CGDream’s versatility can enhance creativity across many industries. Product designers are able to generate product variations and experiment with materials, colors and shapes in just a few clicks. Architects and interior designers can bring their visions to life by using a 3D model of their designs and explore different decor options in seconds. Finally, CGDream empowers any artist to rapidly craft stylized and concept art using any 3D model, including their own.

CGTrader invites professionals and creatives across disciplines, including artists, architects, product designers, game developers, AI enthusiasts and creatives, to experience CGDream – available now on

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Art - TREND MAG originally published at Art - TREND MAG