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Bold Art Collection of a Woman ‘In Pursuit of the Best’ | Christie’s

An exceptional group of works with strong representation for female artists paints a picture of a passionate collector with an eye for ‘powerful images’

For Paul Nyzam, Senior Specialist, Post-War and Contemporary Art at Christie’s in Paris, the collection L’art à fleur de peau that is coming up for auction on 13 October is an expression of ‘joyful and strong pictures’.

As the second part of the collection name ‘parcours d’une collectionneuse’ suggests, this is a collection that has been put together through the unerring — and what Nyzam calls ‘passionate’ — eye of a woman and has a particularly strong selection of female artists.

The collection itself is, according to Nyzam, ‘bright and colourful’, but there is no single aspect that has been pursued. Instead, this is a collection built up from the late 1980s through to the early 2000s that shows what Nyzam calls ‘an eye open to the international scene’. It was put together ‘really just by her, just her money and her taste,’ says Nyzam.

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