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Albright College alumni Liz Polley presented SS22 at NYFW – 2021

This news story originally appeared at 24Fashion TV Feed on 19 September 2021

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Albright College has a very robust & celebrated Theatre Costume Design track as part of their Fashion Design Program, which was highlighted through the collections of working theater costume designer Elizabeth Liz Polley entitled Homespun as a nod to the collections root inspiration.

Elizabeth Polley Collection

Elizabeth Polley

Elizabeth Polley

Elizabeth Polley

About Albright College: Albright College is a Liberal Arts based college located about 2 12 hours from New York City in Reading, PA. The area has a long history as a manufacturing town for the fashion industry & given its proximity to both the New York City & Philadelphia, it serves as not only an idyllic place to study, but also boasts a strong alignment with the arts. Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, & Costume Design thrive at the school, but have long been existing under the radar & in the shadow of their more well-known competitors. This show will give the media & public alike the opportunity to see the breadth of talent that have graduated, or will graduate soon, from the program & see that the school is a formidable option for fashion students to consider & for fashion companies to be aware. Theres a new game in town & Albright College has come to play in a serious way.