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My Favorite Apps for Insta-Feed Perfection

Last updated on September 15, 2021

Been browsing Instagram and landed on a perfectly color-coordinated, cohesive feed? It’s not easy, but it’s definitely achievable. Below are my top 5 editing apps to achieve a clean, expertly designed feed.

1. VSCO. Obviously couldn’t leave this one off the list. VSCO is my all-time favorite app for filters. My most used are the A’s, the Hypebeast collection, and the S’s which give a bright, clean feel. VSCO offers all the filters you could possibly ever need for that editorial, crisp look.unnamed-1-1

2. Darkroom. This one’s my absolute favorite for fine-tuning the photo; I like to increase the brightness and sharpness here, then play with the color tool. With the color tool, you can reduce the amounts of a certain color on a photo — for example, if there’s too much yellow in the photo and it doesn’t go with my feed, I just turn it all the way down.unnamed-2-2

3. Snapseed. Another app that’s good for adjusting brightness and color, but my favorite tool is the ‘brush.’ With the brush, you can reduce the saturation or the temperature (or increase it) in whichever isolated area in the photo you may need, leaving the object you’d like to highlight untouched. It’s perfect for photos that have a lot of background noise, because you can easily desaturate it and keep it minimal.unnamed-3-2

4. Touch Retouch.  This is pretty much your standard ‘delete’ tool. Have a blemish that you don’t want in the photo? Delete. It’s a little brush that you use over an unwanted area, and it quickly cleans it up. You can also remove objects from a photo, clean up the floor/table if it’s dirty, pretty much anything you need to remove from a photo.unnamed-2-1

5. UNUM. My favorite app to organize the feed. If you want to make sure your photos go together, and you want to plan out how it would look before you post, this is it. You can even change the order and play with it for added organization.unnamed-4-2

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