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November 2015 – Miami to Manhattan

Last updated on October 8, 2021

As you all know, I’m a Miami girl living in New York City with an extensive Cuban family. Being a member of this (for lack of a better word) interesting culture has created many memorable moments in my life, especially during the holidays. My Christmas cards always go out in some sort of Spanglish I invented myself, and I can never decide whether I want everyone’s store bought card to be in Spanish or English.

But this year, I partnered with Shutterfly and have been spending the better part of my November prematurely creating my holiday cards for my friends and family. I got the chance to pick my own cover photos — and of course, since I’ve been covering myself up since the Fall season dawned in New York, there’s nothing I’d rather do than be back home surrounded by familia in my Beach Riot Miami bikini… so that’s the photo I used on my card. Don’t judge me too much, I’m in for a hell of a winter.

I spent my time putting my cards together at Cafe Henrie, a new spot on the Lower East Side, and creating some new ones for friends. I’ll also be sharing the photobook I made of my memories this past year with you guys in a separate post.

To win a $50 gift card and create your very own personalized Holiday Cards, simply comment below or on Instagram what your favorite part of the holiday season is. Looking forward to hearing your responses!

To see more on how to create your own Holiday Cards on Shutterfly, visit

**Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Shutterfly. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Si bien este post forma parte de una campaña patrocinada con DiMe Media y Shutterfly. Las opiniones expresadas son mías.**

Photos by Keith.

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