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February 2015 – Miami to Manhattan

Last updated on October 8, 2021

What I’m wearing: Lululemon Total Look. Shirt, Pants, Sports Bra. Socks from The Bar Method. Photos were taken at Exhale by Shane.

So right before the year ended, I was this close to joining Equinox. And somehow I ended up not doing it, for which I’m eternally grateful (despite it being a top notch facility I’d gladly take a membership to). For the past month, I’ve been a member of a new fitness app called ClassPass and I’ve had the chance to try new workouts all over the city. ClassPass allows you access to spinning, pilates, yoga, barre, Crossfit and an endless variety of other workouts that take place at studios all over the city. Classes at these studios usually range from $15-$30 a class, so by being a member of ClassPass (which ranges from $79-$99 a month for unlimited access varying by city) I’m able to attend all kinds of classes at all my favorite studios and try some new ones I really enjoyed. Usually, I get bored of going to the same gym or attending the same classes every week, so this has been a godsend. Below are my absolute favorites, and I’ve linked their Yelp pages as well (all of them are 4 or 5 stars):

  1. EXHALE at the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami – Exhale provides classes such as Core Fusion Barre, Core Fusion Bootcamp (one of my personal favorites), and yoga in one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever had the pleasure of working out in. The studio where I’ve taken my classes overlooks Downtown Miami – where else would anyone rather look at when they’re in Up Dog than some of the city’s most incredible architecture? The Core Fusion Bootcamp is a full body workout encompassing circuit training, cardio and some yoga. I’ve also taken the barre classes at Exhale and they are my favorite; for me, barre is a less active workout than, say, spinning or pilates… but at Exhale there’s always an extra kick to make it MUCH less passive.
  2. Bala Vinyasa Yoga – Bala has been my go-to yoga studio for almost two years now so I was THRILLED to see that it was on ClassPass. I always take either their Power Vinyasa Heated or their Vibes class with music. I leave drenched in sweat and always feel like the instructors pay special attention to the students and love teaching their craft, even when it’s a full studio. Not to mention I always feel like I’m on some sort of high after class. It’s the best workout to have between really active workouts to release tension and detox (Jugo Fresh is right next door). Some of my favorite instructors are Virginia, Megan, Nikki and Lisette.

  3. Jetset Pilates – I can’t rave enough about Jetset. I can honestly say that pilates has made the biggest difference in my body in the shortest span of time.  Their reformer based workouts target the whole body with emphasis on glutes, arms/back and core strength. I’ve done non-reformer pilates as well but find myself exerting greater energy and making better gains when I use the reformer. Jetset classes typically have about 10 people on the reformers facing the instructor, which dictate a series of moves on the carriage. When I first tried it (and still to this day) I was scared of making mistakes or falling off the carriage, but the instructors are really attentive and make sure you have the proper form. For anyone who gets bored of lame workouts easily like I do, Jetset is a dream. The 50-minute classes have you achieving results within the week and you’re out of there relatively fast. I’ve tried both the Gables studio and the Wynwood studio and there is an additional one on the beach.

  4. The Bar Method and Pure Barre – As I mentioned before, barre is my favorite kinda passive workout. It’s absolutely not easy, but it’s less crazy-circuit-training, red-face, sweat all over you like some of my other favorites. In fact, barre is my preferred workout to do when I have to look presentable and cute afterward because it almost looks like I didn’t work out at all. Small isometric movements make up the majority of barre, with a series of pilates moves and yoga stretches. It is based on using the ballet bar for different stretches and pulls, and the tiny (TINY) movements are designed to sculpt and strengthen. Both The Bar Method and Pure Barre have a similar class structure and the instructors ALWAYS make sure you’re moving correctly. This isn’t a work out you will gain anything from if your form isn’t proper. And The Bar Method is right next to Lululemon, so make of that what you will. In my case, it is fatal for my wallet after that endorphin high…

  5. Flywheel – On my list of favorite spinning studios is, of course, Flywheel. I used to frequent Soul Cycle in New York and I find that the classes are inherently the same, which is a great thing. I love both. Flywheel in Miami Beach, which is the one I go to, feels like a club in which I was given a stationary bicycle to dance in throughout the whole class. The instructors always add some arm work with weights which is always welcomed. I personally hate doing this type of cardio but Flywheel sets a great atmosphere and the music is always good.

All of these studios are accessible through ClassPass, plus a bunch more. For a full list of classes in your area visit – and if you’re interested in reading more about my favorite studios, click the links to their Yelp and say hi if you see me in class!


First of all, happy February! I can’t believe it’s already February 1st (yadda yadda, everyone says this at this time of the year), but honestly – where did January go? I’ve been partially MIA because of a ton of changes (some career, some other) and it feels good to get back into the rhythm of blogging because I undoubtedly and guiltily had let fall into the wayward. I’m getting back into the routine and I’m excited for so many upcoming posts, especially my favorite workouts in Miami because that’s one of the reasons I’ve been a quasi-Casper. For now, I’ll leave you all with this new favorite jumpsuit (shocker, that’s all I buy these days) I got at The Boutique and am currently obsessed with! We’ll talk soon, I promise.


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