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Posts published in September 2015

Don’t Be Cold This Winter: Coat Shopping Series I

I don’t know about you, but this light breeze in the air already has me fearing the upcoming winter. I spend most of the season, which in New York lasts an utter eternity (I’ve decidedly calculated that to equal exactly 7 months) complaining that I have to take my coat off every time I go indoors. I’m a Miami girl, what can I say. But in light of finding the silver lining in every lackluster scenario, I’ve deluded myself into feeling very excited for this season’s coat shopping adventure. Shop my top picks (and avoid looking like every other girl in New York with the same Zara winter shield). I’ve broken them down in layers of intensity for the rookie, and the rookie at heart.

Beginning of Fall (temperature hovers on average between 60’s and high 40’s)

Heavy Duty Hating Life Temperatures (anything below 30)

Layering is SO important