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Coffee + Records | Miami to Manhattan

Last updated on October 8, 2021

For me, instead of “must like dogs” it’s “must be able to go from Pink Bullets to Touch the Sky without missing a beat.” There’s something so charming about records, maybe it’s our fixation with “vintage” (I truly thought that was somewhat over) — and as semi impractical and wholly aesthetic as a record player seems at this point, I still want one of my own. Speaking of music players, it somehow feels like CD players are even bigger relics to me, perhaps because their vintage glow has yet to set in. Only a little over a decade ago I remember walking around with my red Walkman blaring “The Eminem Show,” obsessed with ordering online from Limited Too. At 10 I was already set in my ways. I guess some things never change. Now it’s just more like Drake and The Outnet.

  • Panther Coffee latte art, Blouse: Garage (in store), Skirt: Zara (old), Leather vest: Garage (on sale), Shoes: Zara, Jewelry: Chanel, J. Crew, Bag: Prada

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