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Nolita Fairytale

Last updated on October 8, 2021


Lately, I’ve been really into eggshell and white. I’ve also been really into Topshop bralettes, if you’ve seen my previous two posts. This one I wore with my new favorite airy maxi skirt here, and I couldn’t resist pairing it with my (also new favorite, because I’m redundant) leather eggshell midi skirt. There’s something so casual yet put together about separates like this that I can’t resist, ask anyone who’s in my vicinity lately at Topshop…

I visited Two Hands, which is a new coffee shop that just opened up in Nolita, eerily and welcomingly reminiscent of Happy Bones (which is a favorite of everyone I follow on Instagram), and a place I could see myself going into to write on like every afternoon if it were up to me. The lush greenery is courtesy of the Mondrian Soho, which is, along with the Mondrian South Beach, one of my favorite Morgans Hotel Group properties. So much green and white, and guaranteed to have the best views of either city.

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