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Posts published in October 2013

New York Minute

I’ve been so unbelievably busy and neglectful! And even so, after three weeks, all I can really come up with is a selfie. This is a true testament to how busy I’ve been for the entire month of October. It’s been quite the rollercoaster…

Button-down: JCrew also love this one and both are 25% off right now, Skirt: Zara, Necklace: Boutique in Miami, Trench: Zara, Ring: Yves Saint Laurent (Arty), Bag: Chanel “Boy,” Shoes: Zara, Bracelet: Brandy Melville, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar), Nails: Essie in Limo-Scene & my new favorite phone case from Scotch & Soda

Speaking of Scotch & Soda, I am newly fanatical about everything I see in there. Currently coveting their leather card case, (though I was obsessed with Chanel’s before that…) and heart-eyes emoji-ing absolutely all of their men’s clothing.

’til next time,


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