My Top 10 Winter Must-Haves

It’s taken me a good 7 years (I first moved to the city in 2011) to nail down how to NOT UTTERLY HATE LIFE during the winter season but I think I finally got it this year. I’ve actually *gasp* started appreciating the season and everything it has to bring, including the snow. As a born and raised Floridian, this seems ludicrous. But without further ado, these are my season must-haves aka everything you need to make sure you have a warm, dry, cozy and stress-free winter.

Sorel Tivoli III Boots | Kate Spade Bow Earmuffs | Club Monaco Rhinestone Beanie* |
Classic Hunter Boots | Club Monaco Evangah Coat* | Polo Ralph Lauren Down Coat* | Club Monaco Faux Fur Stole* | Circus OTK Boots | Kate Spade Tech Gloves


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