Destination: Bimini

If you’ve been following along, you know that I was in the Bahamas in March and absolutely loved it. So when Resorts World Bimini reached out to introduce me to their super tiny but filled with charm island, I couldn’t say no. We packed our bags and headed to the resort for a weekend filled with relaxation by the bluest waters I’ve ever seen, gambling and eating Bahamian food!

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RWB takes up the majority of Bimini — it’s the perfect place to be if you’re looking to relax and not have to think about planning an itinerary. Aside from the casino and incredible food, the resort also has a spa on property which we fully took advantage of. Massages and champagne, the perfect way to start the trip!

I fell in love with our waterfront view — the best thing to wake up to. Most of the suites at RWB are waterfront, so even when you’re in your suite you feel like you’re in another world. Most of our evenings consisted of dinner followed by spending some time at the on-property casino which was so much fun. I’m not much of a gambler but David is pretty good and it’s definitely interesting to watch.

During the day, hanging out at the beach was a must. Being from Miami, the beach is second nature to me, but Bahamian waters truly are otherworldly. During our time on the beach, we also got to watch the Driftwood Festival activities from our daybed, drink champagne all day and dance (the DJ was on point). If you’re the exploring type, you can also grab a golf cart and take it right down the road to get some of the amazing conch that Bahamians are famous for.

I flew directly from Newark to Bimini with Elite Airways, and if you’re located in South Florida it’s even easier. Starting at $499 per person can’t be beat for a quick getaway to the Caribbean!

Thank you to Resorts World Bimini for collaborating with me on this post.

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