Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom season means the beginning of a lot of summer fun…

The cherry blossoms have bloomed at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens! One of my favorite times of the year, seeing the cherries bloom signifies a new beginning for me and I always get really excited when I see them appear. It means another long winter is over, and an amazing summer lies ahead.

This past weekend was the Sakura Matsuri festival at the gardens. The festival celebrates Japanese culture and traditions, and the Cherry Esplanade at the gardens was filled with people who dressed up for the occasion. The blossoms bloomed beyond peak! They’re absolutely stunning, especially when the petals fly around in the air turning the gardens into a magical, otherworldly setting.

I can’t get enough of my ‘offline’ hat, as you can probably tell. This Red Carter dress (which doubles as a beach cover-up) will also be on heavy rotation throughout the summer.

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