A Hack to Wearing Neutrals

Lately, I can’t stop wearing neutrals. My favorite pieces to wear right now are all in a shade of blush, taupe, brown or black, and I find myself gravitating toward my nude pieces more often than not…

Before I discovered ThirdLove’s new Naked collection, I would often stress about whether my undergarments were visible through my lightest outfits.

My favorite Naked bra is in the shade Naked 1 – a color that is bit lighter than my skin but so subtle underneath my clothes. I’ve never been so comfortable knowing my garments aren’t showing, not to mention how great it feels on. The added push-up is also an amazing bonus. The Naked collection is available in five shades that complement your skin tone (with matching bottoms), in the essential t-shirt, push-up and full coverage styles. My natural tone is closer to Naked 2, but I love the way Naked 1 disappears under my lightest clothing.

I’ve discovered the trick to being supremely comfortable in your nude-colored outfits is having the basics down first. ThirdLove’s matching sets compliment my skin and feel amazing on. For a limited time, my readers are invited to try the Naked line for free for 30 days here.

Thank you to ThirdLove for collaborating on this post.

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